Fabritech MS, Inc. manufactures Adapter Spools, Spacer Spools, and Drilling Spools in all sizes and pressure ratings suitable for WellHead extension, BOP spacing, Choke, Kill, and Production Manifold applications.

We are capable of making any size and length spacer spool, adapter spool, and drilling spool. During purchasing, it is important to consider the application of the spool(s), whether it be for drill-through, wellhead, or choke and kill operation, we can help you determine which spool is right for you. We can also design custom spools to any application and or need.

We are the Designer and manufacturer, NOT just a distributor. We offer full support for your product including full expert engineering knowledge, troubleshooting, specification conformance, and safety factor.

Download our spec sheets below for more information


Spacer Spools

We offer API 6A and API 16A Spacer Spools of a wide variety of bore sizes and lengths.


Drilling Spools

We offer API 16A Drilling Spools of a wide variety of bore sizes and outlet connections.


Adapter Spools

We offer API 6A and API 16A Adapter Spools of a wide variety of lengths, sizes, and types of end connections.

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