What does Quality mean?

Quality is in our DNA! We at FMS are committed to maintaining quality throughout our entire operation. We keep our supply chain tightly monitored (as per API Q1 Addendum 2), and our internal processes controlled with in-process inspection to ensure that all product leaves in impeccable quality. To verify an API licensee click here.


What certifications does FMS hold?

Fabritech is currently registered under API Q1 and ISO 9001 quality management systems. We also hold certificate of authority to use the official monogram under API 16A and API 6A. Our API 16A monogram scope includes: Adapters, Drilling Spools, Spacer Spools, Annular BOP, Ram Blocks, Packers, and/or Top Seals, and Ram BOP. Our API 6A monogram scope includes: Blind and Test Flanges, Tees and Crosses, Top Connectors, Adapter Spools, and Spacer Spools at PSL 1, PSL-2, PSL-3. Listed Below are our API 16A, API 6A, ISO 9001:2015, and API Q1 certificates.

How do we do it?

The root of reliable product conformity is to control our vendors. Fabritech ensures all vendors are qualified through periodic assessments. We also ensure the customer is getting the product they need through review of contracts as well as educating our customers.

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