Fabritech manufactures Ram Blowout Preventers (BOP) for the oil and gas industry. The Model R1 Ram BOP is a revamped version of the field proven Cameron Ram Blowout preventer that has been tested to prove its reliability. The R1 BOP is ideal for use in most drilling applications. The key features include:

  • Simple to service the ram preventer in the field.
  • Long lasting, with fatigue testing lasting more than 80 cycles.*
  • 100% interchangeable with Cameron Ram Blowout Preventer Type U
  • One-piece weld-less body design
  • Elastomers are readily available from Fabritech
  • Available with Flanged, Studded, or Hubbed Top and Bottom Connections
  • Ram preventer offered with Flanged, Studded, or Hubbed Side outlets
  • Ram Blocks are pressure energized, therefore the integrity of the seal is positively correlated to wellbore pressure
  • Capable of high temperature rated elastomers for up to 350°F operation 
  • Configurable with large bore shear bonnets and tandem boosters for shearing operations*
  • Available in 7-1/16″, 11″, 13-5/8″, 16-3/4″, 20-3/4″, 21-1/4″, and 26-3/4″ Bore Sizes
  • Available in 2,000 PSI, 3,000 PSI, 5,000 PSI, 10,000 PSI, and 15,000 PSI Pressure Ratings
  • Performance Rating 1 (PR1), Performance Rating 2 (PR2) Pending Validation Testing
  • NACE MR-0175 Compliant
  • Monogrammable to API 16A
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