What do we offer?

This packing element is designed for our screw lid annular BOP and is compatible with Hydril GK BOP’s. Being the heart of the preventer, the element is designed with a large reservoir of elastomer for long lasting life when it matters the most.

What is an Annular Packing Element?

What is an Annular Packing Element? An Annular Packing Element is a round elastomeric piece of technology that essentially closes mechanically by means of a Blowout Preventer and operator closing pressure to seal off an open hole,  drill pipe, drill collar, casing, or tubing. Ultimately, the Annular Packing Element is critical to control wellbore fluids during drilling operations.


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  • HBOP (Hydril GK Style) Packing Elements aftermarket available in:
    • 7-1/16″ 3,000/5,000 PSI, 11″ 5,000 PSI, 13-5/8″ 5,000 PSI, 20-3/4″ 3,000 PSI, 21-1/4″ 2,000 PSI.
    • NBR for temperatures up to 250°F
    • 100% compatible with Hydril, FMS HBOP.

HBOP Packing Element

Sizes available: 7-1/16″, 11″, 13-5/8″, 21-1/4″.

Working Pressures: 2,000 PSI, 3,000 PSI, 5,000 PSI.

Material: NBR or HNBR

Temperature Ratings: 250F or 350F