Our BOP ram blocks are designed for our blowout preventers and are 100% interchangeable with Shaffer/NOV, T3, and Cameron ram blocks. We offer pipe bore ram blocks, variable bore ram blocks, and blind shear ram blocks.

We ensured our products are safe and interchangeable through repeated testing and validation. It is critical to source ram blocks directly from FMS to ensure you get repeatable proven results, expertise, and support throughout the life cycle of your equipment. 


R1 Ram Block

The R1 BOP is our most popular Ram Block that has been designed for offshore an onshore use. The R1 Ram Block was designed for our R1 Ram BOP and is 100% interchangeable with Cameron Type U BOP’s


F70H Ram Block

The F70H Ram Block is designed for lower pressure land operations. The F70H is the economical yet comparable alternative to Shaffer T70 Ram Blocks.


VARI® Ram Block

The VARI® Ram Block is specially designed to close on a range of pipe sizes as opposed to the standard pipe bore rams with a fixed size. Designed for L1 Ram BOP and Shaffer Ram BOPs.



What is a BOP Ram Block or Ram Blocks?

A BOP ram block is a critically machined pieces of metal that works in conjunction with elastomeric ram packers and top seals to affect a seal in the wellbore cavity of a blowout preventer. Ram blocks can be either Pipe bore rams, variable bore ram blocks, or shear ram blocks.

What does a Ram Block do?

BOP Rams literally ram together towards an open hole or a pipe and allows the control of the pressure underneath the ram blocks. Ram blocks are extremely critical to drilling operations and may also help during stripping operations and or kicks in wells. Pipe bore ram blocks are designed with a fixed pipe or casing bore. Variable bore ram blocks are designed to offer a range of pipe sizes it can close on. Shear ram blocks are designed to shear drill pipe in an emergency, and may also be offered with the ability to close off the well. See above the types of ram blocks we manufacture.

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